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CleanCut Installation Costs


Installation costs vary by model of CleanCut desired.  The basic unit, the Step, is $950 installed (type of tub does NOT affect cost of installation).  The UltraLow is $1,050 (for tall tubs).  The most popular, the Convertible, is $1,150.  This unit allows for continued use as a bath or as a step-in shower.

Each of these options save you THOUSANDS over a bathroom remodel and can be done in a day!

CleanCut Product Overview


Great layout of product choices and features.  Printable PDF


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CleanCut "package" offer


Adding Grab Bars and Anti-Slip mat to the tub increases useability and safety.

We add:

Two Stainless Steel grab bars

Anti-Slip Mat

for an additional $175.  A savings of $60 from our normal pricing.



Why is this a realtively inexpensive option?

     The tub cut can be done without tearing out tile or other materials and is completed in 4 hours so expenses are keep to a minimum.

Can the tub be returned to "normal" later?

     Some companies offer this service, but we feel it is unnecessary.  The added expense only takes away a needed feature (especially if the Convertible unit is installed).

How low does the tub cut get to the floor?

     That depends on the tub.  The best way to measure this is to see how high the tub wall is and then subtract 8 1/2".  Not having to raise your legs 8.5" is a very big help to those with legs issues.

What do I do if I have more questions or want an appointment?

     Call/text me at 817-809-7890 or email me at Blythe@SaferSeniorLife.com.

Great Article on Tub Cuts by Homeability.com


VERY Detailed video on installation of the CleanCut

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